Personnal website of Arthur Nardy, software developer, mainly specialised on business problems implying complex systems, data processing, and applied mathematics


Egis is an international group originated from France, dedicated to Engineering in numerous business lines such as civil, hydraulic, or railways.

In my case, I have worked for Egis Rail. The filial developed internally a software dedicated to network provisioning of mass transit systems and optimizing commercial operations : Simalim ™.

The source-code was originally written in a programming language who lost market momentum. In order to keep the software aligned with the state of the art in the software industry, it was decided to proceed to a migration to the C#/.NET technical platform. The software has remained a desktop release.

As computational developer, I was in charge of the migration of the computation layer. Which implied a lot of retro-engineering and functional analysis, to properly redefine the business need. It was also necessary to cooperatively define the fundamental input data structure of the computational layer with the colleague working on the human-machine interface.

Most of the mathematical tools required were accessible directly in the native .NET framework, or in Math.Net. Development of specific mathematical features was sometimes needed and was mostly due to necessary performance optimization. Optimization relies on specific characteristics of the mathematics problem to solve in Simalim ™. It allowed resorting to parallel computing.

After the initial migration, the cooperation with Egis-Rail continued with numerous features to add in order to make the engineers life easier and to carry the software to conformity with the European norm EN 50641. This implied further functional analysis and debates about mathematical modeling.

This software is a long life product and a daily business commodity. It has a lot of opportunity to explore to help Egis-Rail to save time and money.

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