Personnal website of Arthur Nardy, software developer, mainly specialised on business problems implying complex systems, data processing, and applied mathematics


As a software engineer, I worked on different topics.

SNCF New Access Control Gate

Its main added-value is the fight against freeloaders. It detects any fraudulent walk-through and consequently blocks the gate safely. It also counts the frauds at each gate of each station and allows the rail operators to shift the effort of ticket inspection accordingly.
This new generation of access control gate was aimed to serve on the Parisian mass transit network.

I worked on the development of the supervision application layer, controlling the gates remotely. The supervision layer was made with the integrated solution PcVue, which brought me to code some stuff in SCADA Basic.

Configuration subsystem

Conduent has a complete home-made Business Framework, which is used to code a complete ticketing system. I was brought to intervene on the supervision subsystem and the configuration subsystem.
For this purpose :

  • I developed ORACLE PL/SQL Packages for manipulating data.
  • I developed modules related to Human-Computer Interface in C#.
  • I corrected various legacy bugs in SQL or C#.
  • I had to search for the correct norm to follow to display Berber letters on ticketing automaton (funny story by the way, do not hesitate to ask for hearing it).
  • Microsoft TFS and GIT was used.


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