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Micro-seismicity monitoring networks are compulsory for industrial achievement of geothermal projects, notably to ensure the absence of damage on third parties.
Those networks are characterized by the lowest magnitude at which a seismic event can be triggered: the magnitude of completeness.

In the study I made, a method was tested, based on computer simulations of seismic event by calculating the discrete wavenumber through the code of AXITRA. This code is usually used for remote earthquakes. The simulation is based on a 1D geological model, a station network, and a seismic event for which we can determine the source mechanism.

A simulation was led on a well-known area for geothermal energy in Alsace, where occurred an also well-known real seismic event, and tried to reproduce this event numerically to evaluate the code of AXITRA. After quality evaluation of seismograms and spectrograms, it was then tested on another area for which there is so few feedbacks. The results were compared with an earlier study using another methodology.

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