Personnal website of Arthur Nardy, software developer, mainly specialised on business problems implying complex systems, data processing, and applied mathematics


Birdz is an innovative company. It designs and develops hardware, software and networking products. Collaborators dedicate to environmental issues. The corporation deploys IoT networks. The enterprise also collects, integrates, and analyzes data of IoT systems.

I have worked on an anti-corruption layer of the information system. This ACL is set apart to encode and encode radio frames emitted by IoT devices, and to integrate them in the information system.

Birdz developed a specific tool to ease the work of engineers. This tool helps to program the encoding and decoding of radio frames. Engineers interfaces with the tool through a tailored Domain Specific Language. This DSL is a declarative language inspired by OCaml. The tool is run by Google Cloud Platform.

Rebuilding knowledge of numerous IoT devices is a major challenge of the mission. Some of them are almost 20 years old.

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