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  • Free or open-source softwares are not free (of charge)

    About the problem of chasing free source-code instead of investing in one properly owned and mastered.

  • No-Code, Low-Code : story of an obstacle denial

    After having been staffed for months on a project involving a low-code platform, without knowing it at beginning, I took time to read what specialist newspapers or colleagues’ blogs would say about it. And I was quite surprised by the perception gap ! Specialist newspaper are quite confident in the opportunity opened up by No-Code/Low-Code…

  • “Crowdoscopy” : the scientific observation of the crowd

    The status of Sociology as a science is regularly disputed. The sociology is repeatedly attacked for its lack of experimentation, lack of predictive power, lack of generalization, lack of accurate measurements, and so on… This often boils down to a hard fight between natural science (often coined as “hard science”), and humanities (often coined as…

  • What is a software (and its source-code) ?

    This paper was first published on the website of my employer “Amiltone” in french. I here propose a less SEO-friendly translation to English. Computers experienced increasing democratization from the 1980s in the West. Firstly it was a work tool available to a minority of business executives. Then it became a tool available to privileged households.…

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